How to wear a Rolex big gold watch with a sense of style?

People who wear large gold watches are often said to be too rustic, tacky and have a strong sense of being a thug. Even many people who are new to watches are very resistant to gold watches, after all, the literati aesthetic of the Chinese people is on the side of deep and elegant, and the visual impact of a large gold watch does not match this aesthetic.

Many people even have certain stereotypes about gold watches, and even many people who do not play with watches think that replica rolex gold watches, especially gold Lau, are only worn by triads.

In the early years of the Hong Kong movie “The Gangster”, there was a scene in which Chan Siu-chun’s character, Chicken, needed to escape to Taiwan, and Ekin Cheng, playing the role of his big brother, Chan Ho Nam, gave Chicken a gold Rolex watch. The film was so popular at the time that it led to many people still believing that gold Rolexes were exclusive to the triads. It is even said that in the major casinos around the world, only Rolex watches can be used as currency and directly realised.

Due to the long-standing perception of the Chinese people, the “gold watch” has become a symbol of the rich, but if this is used to define a gold watch or a gold Rolex, then it is too wrong.

In fact, replica rolex watches have a lot of substance and can be very fashionable as long as they are well matched.

Take the “gold Laureate” for example, once for various reasons many people thought that Rolex was also compared to a symbol of the rich, but compared to other watches that focus on complex timepiece functions and style appearance, Rolex has only done one thing for a hundred years, and that is to keep time accurately.

In fact, the fake gold Rolex is just a watch that is not much different from the luxury models, as long as we wear it with a stable mind, and then with a reasonable match, then there is no need to worry about making people feel uncomfortable and out of place.

In fact, there is a very glamorous side to the big gold watch – it has a face and a heart. Although watches are small in size, they can have a high value. Think about the ten million dollar car and house you own that can’t follow you around at all times, but a watch can.

The tourbillon, minute repeater, split-second and other ‘valuable’ complications on a watch need to be played with up close to realise the power of them. And a fine platinum watch can be mistaken for a “nondescript” steel watch at first glance (only those in the know know know that steel watches can be expensive).

So how do you wear a gold watch to cover up the mobster vibe?

Don’t add drama to a big gold watch

A big gold watch is already very eye-catching, so don’t pair it with colourful or equally gold shiny high-profile pieces, for fear that people won’t know you’re a rich man, or you’ll accidentally become like the following.

You can choose to wear it with athleisure wear, t-shirts… In short, the simpler and more casual the outfit, the more it will accentuate the special charm of the big gold watch.

Alternatively, a suit is a great match. The ascetic, sober look of a suit and the flamboyance of a gold watch can be a perfect combination.

Match it with accessories for a more stylish look

If you want to add a touch of style to your big gold watch, you might want to layer it with accessories. But you need to pay attention to these two points, one is the amount of jewelry should not be too much, and the other is never choose any big gold chain, Buddha, beeswax, jade and other valuable jewelry. Otherwise,uk replica rolex not only does it not add a sense of fashion to the gold watch, the feeling of pompous, explosive and earthy comes back.

Since ancient times mankind has been in a state of obsession with gold, and as the world’s recognised hard currency gold symbolises wealth. Although,best replica rolex watches uk are not made of gold, they have long been tied to money and power.

Many watch lovers, including those who have several watches at home, will always think of a big gold watch if one of them is missing… “Isn’t it time to buy a gold watch?”. After all, a big, yellow gold watch is not only an eye-catching dress-up device, but also a symbol of status and position.

Nowadays, all fine watchmakers produce their own “big gold watches“, such as the god-like “Big Gold Lau”. The classic Oyster Perpetual Log, the sporty and stylish Cosmograph Diagonal, the King’s Gold Nautilus, Audemars Piguet’s Royal Oak Gold…

These different models are very different, both in terms of temperament and temperature. Different gold watches they can be classic, stylish or flamboyant.

Now tell me, do you like big gold watches?